10 disgusting things and names Sonko called Peter Kenneth last night at Citizen TV including a chewing gum

March 20, 2017 at 19:28

Kenyans are still in utter shock after the Sonko interview at Citizen TV last night with Hussein Mohammed.

Not only was there lack of decorum and decree but there was a lot of name calling, verbal diarrhea, boorishness and wild allegations.

Most of them were directed towards one guy, Peter Kenneth who is challenging Sonko for the gubernatorial seat in Nairobi and as per my opinion Sonko is really scared of the man and he’s trying to fight him off by every means.

And insulting him looks like just the right way to go for him. Here are some of the horrendous names and things he called the former Gatanga MP:

  1. I don’t want to know his name, you can refer to him as an albino or wherever…I don’t care!
  2. He’s a betrayer; he’s a saboteur who was telling Kenyans not to vote for a criminal!
  3. You are criminal! You swindled Kenya RE…Nairobians don’t deserve a criminal for a governor!
  4. Criminal, thief….yet again
  5. Chewing gum….to be honest I’m not sure whether I find this hilarious or totally unfortunate
  6. They are going to hell, these baggers…this was in reference to Peter Kenneth and Nairobi political power brokers behind his back.
  7. They are planning to steal elections, those baggers!
  8. Nitawapiga nyahunyo, nitawapiga kiboko…watanijua!
  9. He had 4 E’s in his KCSE and I have evidence.
  10. He was paid by Europeans to divide the Kikuyu vote and he must apologize for it…to Mama Ngina, My wife, me and all Jubilee supporters.


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