Not even pregnancy can stop her; Video vixen Amina Amaru proves that pregnant women can still get down

January 05, 2017 at 16:03
Amina Amaru

If you think moms-to-be are fragile, then pregnant Amina Amaru will prove you wrong. As many women choose to sleep and take small walks the last few months of pregnancy video vixen Amina Amaru has been shaking her money maker here and there.

One of her close friends posted a video of Amina Amaru doing some pretty impressive Lingala moves while rocking a very pregnant belly. This is a challenge for other pregnant women who laze around, let alone take simple walks at that size, but it also shows the world that yes, pregnant women can still get down.

The video was taken during new years eve where she got together with her girlfriends to usher in the new year in style.

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Anyway, while pregnant women are usually seen as fragile and uncoordinated and are treated like ticking time bombs who could blow at any moment, Miss Amina Amaru is busy shaking her body like nobody’s business.

Checkout her video below courtesy of Cuppie Ayokya

Pregnancy looks so good on Mama Alina and she makes it looks so easy I swear

For those who don’t know, Amina Amaru was featured in Sauti Sol’s steamy video Nishike that left many women oggling at the sexy band and the men pocketing due to the yummy vixens featured in the video.

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