These are the Swanky Machines your Favourite Female TV Presenters drive. Betty Kyalo’s is worth a Whooping 13 Million!

January 10, 2017 at 19:41
These are the Swanky Machines your Favourite Female TV Presenters drive. Betty Kyalo's is worth a Whooping 13 Million!

Kenyan Female TV presenters are the most notable figures in the entertainment scene. They basically define everything and set the pace for fashion trends, career paths and basically anything you would think of.

They are also every rich man’s fantasy and team mafisi’s sleeping pill every night if you know what I mean. In Kenya they are quite a couple, from various TV stations and even though each one of them has very astounding features and qualities- two things are constant, they are all smoking hot and drive very high end cars.

To start as off, there is Betty Kyalo, the KTN Beauty who marvels us every Friday on Friday briefing. The lady likes her speed and her luxury and that’s why she probably cruises around in a Porsche cayern which costs a whooping 13 million.

Betty Kyalo's Porsche Cayern

Betty Kyalo’s car

Then there is Lillian who totally redefined Kenyan TV with her sexy curves and lovely voice which we can attest has paid off. She now cruises around in an Audi Q7.

Lilian Muli's Q7

Lilian Muli’s car

Then comes Karen Knaust, the sassy K24 News anchor who co-hosts alongside Eric Njoka. She also oozes elegance and class and true to that, she drives around in a BMW 750 Li which roughly costs around 10 million. She’s actually selling it, if you are interested in buying.

Karen Knaust's car

Karen Knaust’s BMW

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Lastly there is Doreen Gatwiri, the sensational Ebru TV Swahili anchor who dons Michael Kors watches and takes trip to Cuba, who even goes to Cuba? Anyway, she cruises around in a Range Rover Sport and she just recently acquired a Subaru Outback, 2016 version.

Doreen Gatwiri News

Doreen Gatwiri’s Range Rover

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