5 Things you need to know about Elodie Zone, popular YouTuber who used to date Kibaki’s Grandson Andrew Sean

January 11, 2017 at 13:50
5 Things you need to know about Elodie Zone, popular YouTuber who used to date Kibaki's Grandson Andrew Sean

Apart from the fact that she’s Andrew Sean’s ex-girlfriend, what else you do you know about this girl Elodie Zone? Well, today is your lucky day as I will take it upon myself to break it down to you. The lass was the guest on Kiss 100 early today morning, hosted by Shaffie Weru and Adele Onyango and she let out a few things here and there without even knowing.

The first thing you need to know about the girl is that she and Andrew are over, kaput! So don’t be sitting there expecting them to go back together so as to fulfill your perfect love stories fantasies. The girl moved on a looooong time ago she made it very clear.

Secondly, she does everything on her popular YouTube channel which she’s also famous for. She comes up with the topics, records and edits everything so those dope effects in there are all has. Even the comment responses are entirely her. Now that’s pretty impressive if you ask me!

Elodie Zone poses for a selfie

Elodie Zone and Andrew Sean during happier times

Being on Kiss 100 was the first time she was in any interview. Apparently she has always had a rule against interviews…she’s the Kenyan version of Sia. Now that she has broken her virginity on that front, expect her on Ghafla soon where she will now give us the real Juice; Elodie?

We also picked up she’s very smart going by the way she ducked all the traps to reveal more details about her nasty break up with Andrew Sean. We think she has undergone training in dealing with this kind of things. Even Shaffie’s charm did nothing to entice her into talking.

Lastly, the girl is purely herself and doesn’t trip when it comes to her sh*t. Only loyal to her squad!



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