Just like Caroline Mutoko, Popular Pastor Bashes the 100 bob couple and their 3.5 million wedding…..Refers to it as one big sham!

February 15, 2017 at 11:19

It might have been a normal Tuesday for you but not for Wilson and Anne, the 100 bob couple which has since become an instant sensation.

Valentines marked the day where they did an actual wedding with flowers and décor, and gowns and good food in the presence of friends and family. Surely it must have been a dream come true knowing where the two had come from….It was totally unbelievable that Wilson, the groom broke down into tears at the altar because he couldn’t just believe what was going down….I suspect he had also never seen his wife that beautiful ever since he met her.

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And guess who else thinks it was totally unbelievable? Pastor Godfrey Migwi, the popular pastor from House of Hope in Kayole. He made headlines a couple of months ago because of his looks and flashy lifestyle (He drives a VX) which was driving Nairobi women in sane with many of them comparing him to Idris Elba.

Pastor Godfrey Migwi

Pastor Godfrey Migwi in a recent photo

He’s back again and this time he’s laying doubt to the legitimacy of the 100 bob wedding. He implies it was a sham which companies are riding on to make money and create hype without much benefit to the couple.

First of all he doesn’t believe the wedding was 100 bob anyway, citing a number of observations he made in the pictures that started circulating online a couple of weeks back. And not only that, he had issue with the pastor and the church which officiated the wedding mostly asking as to why they couldn’t come together and at least create a small ceremony for the couple with some good food and few friends.

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What he was mostly disgusted with were the companies which are riding on the wave of the couple to build their brands without offering something substantial in return. “Like why spend millions on a wedding instead of offering money to this couple to start a business or give them employment?” he asked.

Here is the controversial post he made of Facebook which is currently trending:

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