After giving a drunken speech at Nillan’s party, actress sparks illuminati rumours with the new tattoo between her breasts

February 16, 2017 at 12:48

Harmonize’s ex girlfriend, Wolper, has a couple of tattoos on her body but her recent one has left fans talking forcing her to pull down the photo from her social media pages.

Wolper is now rocking a new tattoo between her breasts and the actress cares less about what people say about her love for body art. The new tattoo resembles Rihanna’s tattoo of the Egyptian goddess Isis, who was depicted as the ideal mother and wife.

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However, fans feel that this symbolizes satanic meanings as they now link her to practicing Illuminati. The actress has not addressed the issue yet but one can tell that she is enjoying the attention from her followers and local tabloids.

Wolper's Chest tattoo

Wolper’s Chest tattoo

Not quite sure whether she is addicted to getting tattoos on her body, but so far she has about five of them which she sometimes parades in photos.

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