Reality TV Star Bridget Opens up on the sad reason she became a high end prostitute and why she has since changed her ways…This will really move you

February 16, 2017 at 14:06

Always trust Bridget Achieng to tell it like it is and she surely did when she dropped by Ghafla the other day for an interview.

She spoke on a lot of things but what mostly cost my attention was her admitting that she was actually a socialite at some point or a high end whore for that matter. Very few of her ilk would admit to this.

She spoke of how it was never her idea to get into this kind of business with her main focus at the time being jewelry and fashion items for sale. As is with any biashara, she got conned 3 M and there was no way she was going to recover from that.

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First of all she came from a poor background and the money was from a shylock. She got totally depressed and while she was brooding trying to figure out how she would get out of that mess, someone suggested an idea for her, why not become a socialite?

I mean she had everything it took to become one…a daring personality and most importantly a banging body. Sometimes a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do she stated so she didn’t think even think twice when jumping into the business. Somehow she had to repay that ballooning debt.

As they say the rest is history and she has since changed her ways as a result of these factors she spoke about in this interview below:

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