“This is the worst form of corruption” Caroline Mutoko angrily protests following the shocking incident witnessed at Moi airport in Mombasa

February 16, 2017 at 12:43

Absurdity of the highest order was witnessed at Moi International Airport in Mombasa and Caroline Mutoko couldn’t have any of it.

Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) officials at Moi airport were caught pants down harassing Uber driver who had gone to the airport to pick a client. Apparently Uber drivers have unofficially been banned from the airport.

A certain Debbie D’Costa narrated the ordeal which was also caught on camera;

“I would like to bring to everyone’s attention the corruption going on at the airport by our KAA officers. I landed yesterday from Mombasa and called an uber to pick me up. When the Uber got there the driver was arrested and his car clamped I called another Uber and the same thing happened. All this time I was recording this. When the KAA officers saw me recording they came and threatened to arrest me if I don’t delete. So after they thought I have deleted they let me go. To cut the long story short when did a law pass that ubers can’t enter the airport? So uber drivers are now harassed not only by other drivers but also by government employees? I am a Kenyan with a right to use any legal means of transport. I would want KAA to prove at least a media release they gave telling the public that from a certain date it would be illegal to call an uber from the airport. #corruptionatkaa,” Debbie D’Costa posted on Facebook.

The post attracted the attentions of several Kenyans including former radio queen Caroline Mutoko who raised a red flag.

“Really? This is how we are dealing with real work and real competition? This is the worst form of corruption. Denying others a living and the right for you & me to get a legal means of transportation at a price WE find reasonable. Any animal, ecosystem, business or system that does not evolve, dies. Yellow cabs et al, evolve or die,” Caroline expressed her frustrations.

Watch the video below:

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