Citizen TV’s Swahili anchor Lulu Hassan caught up in a debt scandal of Ksh. 127, 000

February 17, 2017 at 13:49
Citizen TV's Swahili anchor Lulu Hassan caught up in a debt scandal of Ksh. 127, 000

Lulu Hassan is said to be dodging a debt of Sh 127,500 after a certain young man wrote a script for her TV show production company.

As reported by the Nairobian who conducted an interview with the young man, Dennis, who claims that the Citizen TV has been dodging to pay him his money despite writing 18 full episodes of Swahili show, Moyo.

Apparently the young man mailed Lulu Hassan and the head of Jiffy pictures, Ibrahim Chitayi to see whether they were going to pay him his money. However, he was emailed back and told the script was of poor quality after the show was already airing on Citizen TV.

Lulu Hassan

Lulu Hassan

Dennis was however forced to involve a lawyer who sent a demanding letter asking the company to pay the young man his money, but they never got back to him.

When Lulu Hassan was reached on phone, Dennis says that she brushed him off telling him not to involve her in his problems….which took him by suprise.

He adds that the lady was aware of what was happening as her company helped clear his hotel bills where he had been staying when drafting the shows script.

The Nairobian goes on to add that when they tried reaching out to the anchor, she refused to comment saying she did not know the person they were talking about. The Nairobian writer goes on to say that she told him to write whateever he wanted….

Wewe andika chenye unataka kuandika.

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