Lillian Muli takes a makeup free photo in the middle of the night while in bed… Damn she still sexy as hell

February 17, 2017 at 11:14

The Citizen TV anchor needs no makeup to look gorgeous; even in the middle of the night Lillian Muli still looks yummy like Sanford chicken, can chew to the bone.

The ever sparkling Lillian Muli usually wears makeup as seen in most of her photos that are available online.

Lillian Muli wearing makeup

But even without makeup, the Citizen TV anchor still spots a look that can make any man want to put a ring on her finger.

Lillian had trouble sleeping last night so she decided to take a photo of herself in the middle of the night and shared it online.

“In the still of the night…why can’t I sleep? Thinking deep thoughts…Insomnia…chilling…it’s so quiet and that’s good space for me…this is my quiet time I Love it. Now I’m going to bed but will probably be reading for another hour or so smh…if you are still up unless you are working try and go to sleep,” Lillian captioned her photo.

Her shiny eyes and her striking dimples made some people have problems falling asleep… See Lillian’s makeup free photo below:

Lillian Muli without makeup


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