“I would never pay bride price, for what? Babu Owino claims as he also reveals why he fell in love with is wife

February 17, 2017 at 10:56
Babu Owino news

Apparently Babu Owino is not only opposed to the Lecturers strike but also the much acclaimed African practice of paying Bride Price.

Speaking recently on E Daily, he doesn’t understand why someone should pay to have a woman…for what? She’s not a pair of Nikey sneakers is she? He tended to imply.  

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According to him, a woman should be handed by her parents or guardian to a deserving man for free.

The question you are probably asking right now is what happened to his wife whom he’s happily married to with a child? Well he was categorical that he doesn’t mind offering appreciation for the effort put in raising a woman worthy of his time.

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Which begs question, isn’t that what bride price means? A form of appreciation? I just never understand this man sometimes.

One thing also women who desire him need to understand…but wait he’s taken now….is that he wants his woman to be decent in public but down and dirty in private; I would assume in the bedroom.

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