Photos of Hamisa Mobetto when she was dark and totally washed out leak online…Zari will laugh and fall off the chair after seeing this

February 17, 2017 at 16:29

Right now she wears the crown of Diamond’s Platnumz’s Salome and the most sought after video vixen in Tanzania but it hasn’t always been like that for Hamisa Mobetto.

There was a time when she was actually dark and washed out like most of us and didn’t know even know who or what was Christian Louboutin; a time where she could only make do with lines and not the expensive human hair she rocks nowadays and getting close to a celebrity leave alone being associated with one was nothing but a pipe dream.

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We didn’t know this and obviously she didn’t want to remember but unfortunately the internet never forgets.

Behold Hamisa Mobetto in all her washed out glory(honestly I didn’t even recognize here):

Hamisa Mobetto

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