Should they be saving? Kes 100 wedding couple reveals plan for as a second honeymoon outside Kenya after their Kes 3.5 million wedding

February 17, 2017 at 10:35

Before their colorful Kes 3.5 wedding on Valentine’s Day, Wilson Wanjohi Mutura and his wife Anne Muhonja flew to Diani for their first honeymoon.

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Wilson and Anne during their lavish wedding on Valentine’s Day

Concerned Kenyans who believe the couple ought to be saving have already questioned the Wilson and Anne’s expensive expenditures.

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The Kes 100 wedding couple has announced plans for a second honeymoon in a move that will most likely make ‘economists’ laugh.

In an interview with eDaily on January 22nd at Community Christian Worship Centre in Kasarani, Wilson revealed sponsors had laid plans for a second honeymoon in Dubai.

“My wife and I are yet to go on honeymoon to Dubai. I understand the plans by our sponsors to fly us out of the country are underway. I am yet to be informed on progress of the plans, though I heard everything has already been paid for,” Wilson said.


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