Zari Hassan comes out clean after she was accused of getting lip fillers to have bigger lips

February 17, 2017 at 11:18

There are rumors claiming that Zari Hassan has had her lips filled (like kylie Jenner) however the lady refuted this through an instagram live session she had last night with her fans.

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For those who did not know, Zari actually wears braces that are making her look like she had some work done on her lower lip. She showed off the silver braces to assure fans that the only reason her lips looked bigger is because the braces were actually ‘sitting’ where her lips should be.

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Anyway, the lass is currently staying in Tanzania with her in-laws and  boyfriend as they finalize her son’s citizenship. Zari has also been up and down getting hair deals and if not wrong, this might be her new investment.

Chceckout the live video below courtesy of Tanzanian site.


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