Adorable baby leaves many shocked with how she looks JUST like Wema Sepetu

March 09, 2017 at 14:41
Wema Sepetu's look alike

Wema Sepetu look as though she could be a mother of a certain unknown baby spotted on social media just recently. From their eye to their lips and the similarities don’t end there, which is why this is freaking us out a little.

The baby believed to be from Tanzania could be confused as Wema Sepetu’s daughter even thoug we are aware that she has been struggling to get pregnant for a while now.

Lat year she suffered a miscarriage four months after she got pregnant with her ex boyfriend Idris Sultan. According to what she revealed, the lass and the popular radio host cum comedian were expecting twins. But unfortunately they never got to meet them.

Just recently Wema Sepetu was photographed rocking a baby bump and we are not quite sure whether it’s the sudden weight gain or if she is expecting another child.

However, the photo that is now making rounds on social media pages we can comfortably confirm that every human being has a look alike somewhere in the world. Checkout the photo below:

Wema Sepetu's look alike

Wema Sepetu’s look alike

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