“He asked for my contacts saying he’d like me to sing at his wedding someday” Mercy Masika reveals how she met her romantic husband

March 20, 2017 at 16:56
Mercy Masika

Yes! Mercy Masika met her rib and is not shy to admit that she is still in love with him despite being married for many years.

She recently opened up about how she met her zdaddy hubby, David and just like a fairy she felt that he was totally different from the other guys she had met before.

Speaking to Pulse the singer says she met David in 2007 at a wedding she had gone to perform and being fresh from Campus she wanted to make a good impression and had arrived to the wedding 2 hours before the wedding began and this is how she bumped into David who was also working at the event as a videographer.

Mercy Masika says she woke up with a good mood that morning without knowing that she was about to meet the one man that would complete her wholly leave alone spend the rest of his forever with her.

Mercy Masika, her husband David and their children

Mercy Masika, her husband David and their children

“I had woken up feeling happy and arrived at the venue two hours early.”

From what she says it is clear to see that Mr David had some pretty good game as he asked for her number in a way that wouldn’t look suspicious.

He casually asked for my contacts after the event suggesting that he’d like me to sing at his wedding someday.

She says that she fell in love with his messages that he occasionally sent and for some reason was convinced that he was heaven sent as every message he sent in tune with what she had probably been thinking about or planning to do.

And in a span of one year David managed to woo her and they got married in 2008 at Lenana Boys High School grounds attracting friends and family from both families. Though they are a christian couple, they have had to deal with issues most married people face but thanks to their love for each other they have managed to stay strong.

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