Chief Justice, David Maraga in controversy after motorcade was seen parking in a persons with disability section (Photos)

October 28, 2016 at 10:10

The new Chief Justice is yet to last a month in his office but he is getting to know just how closely scrutinized that office can be.
As the head of the third government arm, the Chief Justice is expected to set by example ethical behavior and be beyond reproach especially in public matters.
Yesterday he had his day in public court and did not perform well. Hailed as humble and God fearing, his reputation suffered a blot when is official car was photographed parked in an area designated for persons with disability.
Kenyans online were quick to air their criticism wondering why the CJ even if he I not the one driving cannot instruct his driver accordingly.
Perhaps the driver and CJ had a special reason for parking there. However, their silence on the issue means more will wonder whether the new Chief Justice has already contracted the impunity of so many public office holders.
The incident happened at Galleria. It brings to mind the case of a former Deputy Chief Justice who was hounded out of office following an altercation with a supermarket security guard.
Here are the photos;

Nancy Baraza was accused of misusing her office and the power that comes with it ending what had seemed to be a promising stint as Deputy CJ.

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