If this is how she dresses at night, then Eric Omondi has every reason to rush home after work (Photo)

March 16, 2017 at 14:07
Chantal's car

All men enjoy their women dressing up in sexy pajamas, lingerie when they go to bed. If you give your man that, then be sure to have him home a few minutes after leaving work at 5 PM minus the hectic traffic on the roads.

Well, Eric Omondi’s fiance, Chantal, has revealed what she wears to bed and we now know that she is all about being fabulous — she even looks stylish when just wearing pajamas.

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Dressed in a satin short night dress which she accessorized with a lace robe the lady is seen posing in her walk-in-closet which she recently got as a valentine’s gift from Eric Omondi.

It is evident that the lady knows how to spice up things when it comes to dressing at night. She is one who enjoys short dresses and tiny outfits since she is not that tall.

Below is a photo she shared on her social media pages to flaunt her outfit.

Chantal's lingerie

Chantal’s lingerie

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