Family goals? Willy Paul and his ‘bride’ Alaine share adorable photo with ‘their’ baby

March 13, 2017 at 14:42

Willy Paul and Alaine continue to turn heads with their adorable photos shared on social media. Their new song is not only getting massive airplay but their cute photos are now making many feel that the deserve each other.

Willy Paul's wify

Willy Paul’s wify, Alaine

In a cute ‘family’ portrait shared by Willy Paul fans now believe that the two would make a cute couple and the babies would also turn out to be as pretty as their mother, Alaine.

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Alaine is seen carrying the baby on her lap while hubby is seated behind the wheel as they were stepping out in his Mark X. Though not all fans looked excited about his new family, the singer continues to make headlines since he has mastered the art of making people talk thanks to his controversial stories.

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Singer Alaine seems also to enjoy the new wave as she has also been posting similar photos as Willy paul. In less than a month the two have managed to create a buzz that no one can resist including the young kids.

Anyway checkout their cute family photo:

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