Fashion 101:Between ThisIsEss and Sylvia Njoki who did Justice to this Outfit?

October 02, 2014 at 10:25

Undoubtedly,Sylvia Njoki oozes glamour and pizazz, with lots of elegance thrown  in between, she runs one of the best Fashion blogs ever, I wish is was a woman, but i love it this way, because i can write about it, and get you girls to try this out.

I have a deep seated love for ladies who can rock Jumpsuits ill try to compare her outfit with one that was donned by the fashion queen, Sharon Mundia herself.


The Floral Bodice Jumpsuit as worn by sylvia 


Then comes the Fashion Queen, Sharon, who i have had the rare chance of sitting next to enroute to the VLCC launch in westlands-She is all that you have heard, starting with the Adjective elegant, ending with Fabulous. 

she has also rocked a Jumpsuit… 

Here We go:

Sharon rocking that Jumpsuit with lace detail at the upper front. 

Jumpsuits resemble the Rompers shorts, that we shall look at in the next feature,

The only problem with this outfit is when you need to use the washroom….. i sincerely have no idea wat ladies do.. i’m open to suggestions on the same though.

So who between these two did the jumpsuit justice?

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