11 Times Kalybos & Ahoufe Patri Proved Opposite Sex Friendship Is ‘Bae!’

December 06, 2017 at 11:31
11 Times Kalybos & Ahoufe Patri Proved Opposite Sex Friendship Is 'Bae!'

In our part of the world,friendship between two people of the opposite sex is rarely common.

I mean, it’s always been a problem whenever a guy and a lady are seen together.


Tongues begin wagging and everyone tries to cook up some palatable untrue rumors.

But recently, the trend seems to be changing. Thank God for that though.

And who says two people from the opposite sex can’t just be friends?

Most of our parents prefer their wards being friends with mates of the same sex.

Only God has helped us this far, if not these homosexuality thing could have probably started from Africa.

Notwithstanding, there are still those archaic thoughts by people whenever they see two friends of the opposite sex together.

This has affected many people including some of our celebrities.

Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo, Kalybos and Ahoufe Patri are among a host of celebs out there that can relate to this.

However, friendships are not meant to be broken just because of hearsay.

I mean people will always remain who they are. They’re going to talk regardless of what one does.

After all, we all have different preferences, if yours is that you feel more comfortable in the company of your female friend as a guy, go for one.

Friendship between two guys are not always filled with misunderstanding and petty quarrels coupled with jealousy.

But that of two ladies can go really far. Two female friends can decide never to talk to each other again for life. And trust me, they can do it. But guys can be differentiated in terms of this.

“Why would a guy friend feel jealous of his female friend?, He’s got what he’s got and I’ve got what I’ve got. There’s no way my guy friend will get jealous of me because i have a handbag which he doesn’t have. To the extent that he’ll even try to poison me because of jealousy. It’d be absurd”, a friend defended when this topic was raised sometime ago.

More on Kalybos and Ahoufe Patri

We’re not saying you cannot have a female friend who would love and support you no matter what. Of course not! But just in case. If you’re lucky to get one, praise the Lord. If not, you might want to rethink this.

We crushed on the friendship between Priscilla Opoku Agyemang aka, Ahoufe Patri and her long time buddy Kalybos, born Richard Kweku Asante.

The two, shot to fame in the popular short comedy film, ‘KALYBOS’.

Since then, they have featured in many movies together. Talk of’ Kalybos in China’, ‘Amakye and Dede’ among others.

Prior to this, they had been friends. Why then can’t this friendship continue even after they had shot to limelight?

Well, here are 8 times Kalybos and Ahoufe Patri proved that being friends with the opposite sex isn’t always about having anything sexually going on;













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