(Video) Zylofon FM Throws Out A Panelist From Live Studio Discussion

March 13, 2018 at 14:27
(Video) Zylofon FM Throws Out A Panelist From Live Studio Discussion

The heat at Zylofon FM is getting hotter and hotter. It seems they’re not going to stop trending for the wrongs reasons for a while.

The new and latest brouhaha from the Zylofon Media outlet happened live. And from all indications, it seems the media outlet cannot stand criticisms considering what has just happened in their studios.

Head of the Zylofon Arts Club, Willi Roi has banned Ghanaian poet and critic, Kwame Agyemang Berko from the studios of Zylofon FM. This follows a heated argument on the role the A&R Manager at Zylofon media, Bulldog played which has resulted in the current conflict between the outlet and Stonebwoy.


Kwame Agyemang Berko did not mince words when he told them his candid view that Bulldog erred when he stormed the Paloma Hotel Premises to retrieve Stonebwoy’s car. According to him, all the current chaos could have been avoided if the right procedures and rule of law had been followed.

Tensions have been growing since the clash between Zylofon Media and Stonebwoy at Champs in Paloma Hotel over the weekend.

Many have even predicted a possible termination of contract between both parties since the incident though both parties have refused to confirm or deny this assertion.

But addressing the issues on Sammy Flex’s “Showbiz Agenda” program, Mr. Berko could not help but to put the blame on Bulldog.

For him, Bulldog should take responsibility for the clash between the two teams which led to some gunshots being fired.

Now, Willi Roi got angry over the candid view of Kwame Agyemang Berko live on the show.

Mr. Roi, unable to stand the harsh truth described the statement as baseless. Before we knew it, a security man had been called into the studio attempting to drive Mr. Berko out of the studio.

“How can you compare this media firm to Stonebwoy and say this place is pale. Next time you bring this guy here, I’m actually going to deal with you Sammy Flex.

If this place is pale, then what are you doing here. Don’t you give him allowance when he comes here, don’t we give him money? Security get this guy out of here. He’s not supposed to be here. In fact, he should never come back here.” Mr. Roi lashed out.

Watch the video below:


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