Lydia Forson Advocates For Dancing Space For VGMA Audience

April 16, 2018 at 12:42
Lydia Forson Advocates For Dancing Space For VGMA Audience

We all know how heartbreaking it is when one does something and is not appreciated in return.

Imagine you being an artiste who’s performing to a large crowd, yet no one is cheering at you.

Very disappointing right? You may begin to wonder if you’re even doing the right thing.


Well, outspoken actress, Lydia Forson has putting herself in the shoes of artistes and is advocating for some space for fans to ‘boogy’.

The ‘sidechic Gang’ actress has expressed her disgust at the fact that people go for an event like VGMA and sit unconcerned when they could dance or cheer when someone is performing.

Over the years, patrons of VGMA especially people in the VIP section fail to cheer or dance while artistes perform on stage.

Of course, this is bound to frustrate artistes who may think they’re not able to move the crowd.

But Miss Forson is not in support of that. She cannot understand how people will attend a musical show and yet remain seated or idle when an artiste is performing.

She however believes that the space allocated for audience is not big enough for one to even stand and dance to cheer his/her artiste.

“I really don’t get why people go to shows like this and sit down when an artist is performing”. She tweeted.

She advocated that “They need to include a corner by the stage for fans to jam it out like they do at other international shows”.

Read her tweet below;

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