5 Ghanaian Actresses We Don’t See Anymore

October 12, 2017 at 13:03
5 Ghanaian Actresses We Don't See Anymore

Since today is Thursday, we decided to do a little #ThrowbackThursday to the various actresses we do not see anymore. This is our way of remembering them and their wonderful portrayals of the characters they played. This is from the ones who are no longer actively in the movie industry to those who are no longer with us.

Pascaline Edwards


The movie that shot her to fame was ‘A Stab In The Dark’ and the subsequent sequels. Her portrayal as Effe was mesmerising. I remember watching her and feeling that I was watching someone who truly knew her craft. She went on to star in several movies like A Stab in the Dark, Forbidden Fruit, The Mask, House Arrest, My Father’s Wife, Messages, Deadline for Asante, Without Her Consent, and Jewels.

Edinam Atatsi

Edinam Atatsi was one of the actresses that defined peak Ghana Movie industry. She started with Abibigromma and moved on to star in various movies. Some of her movies include African Timber, The Destiny of Lesser Animals and Penicillin.

Grace Omaboe

Grace Omaboe was also known as Maame Dokono. Omaboe first started acting in the Keteke TV series on GTV. She moved on from there to become one of the most sought after actors of her time when she starred in the 1990s Akan drama series Obra on GBC TV. Popularly known as Maame Dokono (after she played a character as a kenkey seller), she moved on to feature in several Ghanaian movies both Akan and English.

Naana Hayford

Naana Hayford-Domfeh is one of the actresses that bridged the Kumawood and English movie divide. Even though at that time, the distinction was not that clear. Her acting was good and whether she was speaking Twi, Fante or English; you appreciated her.

Suzzy Williams

The late Suzzy Williams was popular and good or bad; she had an impact on the movie industry. Even though the reason she is no longer on with the living. Sometimes, we wonder what her career would have been like. This is because she got signed to a South African company sometime before her death.


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The industry is not doing well


There new faces that also need the love


Pascaline is one fine lady,very lovely


The movies are no longer famous


The good old days

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