5 Places To Have A ‘Boujee’ Wedding Reception In Accra

November 14, 2017 at 14:30
5 Places To Have A 'Boujee' Wedding Reception In Accra

Weddings are a big deal in this country. Every weekend is never complete without a wedding happening at one place or another.

Weddings are also an opportunity for people to show their wealth and how connected they are. However, a wedding is as good as its reception. The wedding reception is where people mingle and all the extra stuff happen.


Furthermore, there are wedding couples who do not settle for the normal for their reception. They strive to prove themselves and how ‘boujee’ they are. After all, their guests must be pleased no matter the cost.

Below are such ‘boujee’ places to have a wedding reception if you have the coins.

Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel

This is Ghana’s luxury 5 star hotel located at Ridge. It has the best facilities to cater for all occasions including your wedding and reception. Offering an elegant affair in their grand ballroom to special open-air event with evergreen lawns and floral landscape. Kempinski is one of the best places to have that sophisticated and luxury wedding reception.

Movenpick Ambassador Hotel

If you have a 1000 guests to please this is the place. The hotel has the most spacious ground to host up to 1,000 guests. It boasts of the biggest pool area and upscale garden setting that is fit for a golf course. Also, with its many palm trees and floral landscape, the ambience already showcases wedding reception scenery. This 5 star hotel is located in the city Centre of Accra.

Labadi Beach Hotel

Located on the beach front at Labadi, 7km from Accra city, Labadi Beach Hotel offers an exquisite tropical landscaped garden. It is beautifully nested by the sea with natural settings for either a beach wedding theme or reception to meet the expectation of your dream wedding. Finally, the Omanye Conference Center is your premium address for your weddings. It has a 600 seater capacity to host your guest list.

World Trade Centre

This is not just a business hub. The World Trade Centre has this ideal space to have that extraordinary indoor wedding reception. It has already-made colourful interior décor. Furthermore,  just a little touch of your wedding theme infused with its spot on wall designs will set your evening reception right. It is also structured in the heart of Accra annex to The British Council and opposite the Efua Sutherland Children’s park.

Crystal Park

This rustic multipurpose center that caters for all events including weddings is Crystal Park. It is located at East Legon. This event place boasts of endless massive lawns which depicts the look of a park. Moreover, you can play with all your decorations and wedding concepts at Crystal Park.

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Lovely places


Crystal park is simple, i like it


Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel is damn! beautiful


Some of this places would need a lot of money to book


Labadi looks cosy

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