Ebony To Face A Lawsuit For Failing To Attend An Event

January 12, 2018 at 11:30
Ebony To Face A Lawsuit For Failing To Attend An Event


Ebony is in hot waters for failing to attend an event she was billed to perform at.


Therefore, Ebony has been threatened with a lawsuit. This was done by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of K Monsi Ventures, Mr Francis Yaw Asare. The reason is Ebony refused to grace a concert she was billed for in the Volta Region.

Mr Asare disclosed that Ebony was paid Ghc35,000 to appear and perform at the concert in Hohoe. However, the 20-year-old artiste failed to honour her part of the bargain.

Mr Asare made the details known Joy Prime’s Entertainment Review ‘The Red Carpet’ show.

Reasons For Lawsuit

According to Mr Francis, he was called a few hours to the commencement of the concert that Ebony was involved in a car accident. Therefore, she wouldn’t be able to honour the show.

He was asked whether he saw proof of the accident. Mr Francis said, ‘there was nothing like that. No pictures, videos to confirm the accident.’

Moreover, Mr Francis added that they had no option than to refund ticket monies to patrons since Ebony failed to come. He said the show was a total failure.

“On the day of the show, everything was on point until we were told late that Ebony was involved in a motor accident between 5:30 to 6 pm. Therefore we agreed to refund the money to the audience because the place was packed. It was 30cedis. We paid everyone. We paid her 35,000 Ghana Cedis to perform”


Interestingly, Ebony would be ‘slapped’ with a lawsuit for wasting time, equipment and production cost and also dragging the image of organizers in the mud even though Ebony has refunded the money.

“Ebony took us for granted and it shouldn’t be so. We will go to court. We are suing her…,” Mr Francis concluded.


  1. This is unprofessional why fake an accident

  2. This is not good

  3. How could she do that to the fans

  4. This won’t end well

  5. What is the truth in all this

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