Eight Fruits To Help You Avoid Constipation

May 15, 2018 at 15:02
Eight Fruits To Help You Avoid Constipation

It’s abnormal and totally unhealthy for one to miss attending the nature’s call at least once each day.

Besides, we’re in a era where having a flat stomach has become a must for both men and women.

Yeah, men are inclusive of course, how do you call those sexy six packs you’re so dying for?


Now, in order to access this, you must frequently get rid of the waste products from your system.

Attending the nature’s call is one of the ways to achieve that small stomach you’re exercising or skipping meals for.

The situation whereby one misses out on this activity continuously for days is ‘Constipation.’

Note that constipation is never a good condition and could lead you to the hospital for a surgery in some cases.

As a result, apart from drinking enough water each day, there are some essential fruits that can help you poop easily.

Below are five of such fruits, get them from the market or groceries and safe yourself from constipation;

 1. Apples

Green apples, red apples… whichever you like. Don’t hesitate to start your mornings with a whole apple with the peel on. Apples are rich in fibre which helps in digestion and can improve free bowels.

2. Papaya/ Pawpaw

Papaya is a fruit that possesses some of the most potent anti-inflammatory properties found in nature. Thanks to a magic compound called papain, you will digest foods better, your diarrhea and constipation will clear up and your colon will be healthier.

One of the best ways to eat pawpaw is by cutting it in half and then into chunks and mixing it with some natural yogurt. It will reinforce your intestinal flora and cleanse your intestines. It’s delicious for dessert!

3. Watermelon

As you may already know, watermelon is rich in water and minerals like potassium, two ideal substances for detoxifying the colon and keeping it healthy. This fruit is great for those suffering from an irritable bowel as it acts as a soothing tonic to reduce inflammation and keep you hydrated.

Enjoy this fruit as often as you can.

4. Avocados

Avocados, being high in healthy fat and a plethora of vitamins and minerals top the list of must-have foods. They are also called as butter fruit. They contain 6.7 g of fiber in a 100 g serving. Avocados also have more potassium than bananas and help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. The high fiber content and vitamin-C present in them promote easier bowel movements preventing constipation. Avocados are listed as one of the top fruits to be included in the diet for regular consumption.

5. Bananas

Eating a banana a day offers innumerable benefits. Remember that you shouldn’t eat this fruit in the evening. It’s best to have at the start of the day for better digestion.

  • Bananas contain natural antacids that keep fecal matter and toxins from clinging to the mucus in the intestines.
  • Bananas are rich in potassium, an essential mineral for the intestines and digestive system. Thanks to their potassium content, bananas improve digestion and reduce pain and the inflammation associated with diarrhea and other problems.
  • They’re rich in soluble fiber, the type of fiber that’s easier for the colon to process. However, keep in mind that bananas contain sugar, so you should only consume one banana per day.

6. Passion Fruits

Passion fruits contain some of the highest levels of fiber among all fruits. In just 100 g of passion fruit, the fiber content is 10.4 g! That’s a lot of fiber when compared with other fruits. So, go for it to ease constipation woes.

7. Guavas

Among the finest of fruits, guavas were once underrated. In fact, they fare much better than apples and can indeed keep doctors away if eaten regularly. A 100 g guava holds 5.4 g of fiber. Hence, they facilitate easy bowel movement.

8. Blackberries

Blackberries contain one of the highest antioxidant levels and are rich in bioflavonoids and vitamin C. Up to 5.3 g of fiber is found in 100 g of blackberries.




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