Empress Gifty Adorye And Management Fight Deco Company

January 10, 2019 at 11:43
Empress Gifty Adorye And Management Fight Deco Company

Gospel musician, Gifty Osei is unhappy with the services the deco company, Kinani Floral rendered on her wedding.

Moreover, in an Instagram post, Gifty called the company out and demanded a refund from them. She stated that she has to get her money otherwise it’s a police case. However, the company stated that they would not give the gospel singer a dime.

According to the boss, she first worked on Gifty’s engagement ceremony. However, on the wedding day, she collapsed when on duty trying to decorate the venue. Therefore, so she cannot fathom why the gospel musician would go public to shame her and demand for a refund.


Back and forth between Gifty Osei’s management and floral company

“What money? What money are you asking for? Go to the police station and I will show up. You paid for both engagement and wedding setup. I did your engagement for you in the course of working on your wedding day I collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. What money are you asking for madam gospel musician? The money I used for rentals or what? Take me to the police and I will show up. You think you are a celebrity so you can bully me. Provide receipt for what you have paid me. You even refused to pay for workmanship because you said you are a celebrity. After calling several times to threaten to me refund your money to you, you have now jumped to social media” 

Right after her reaction, Gifty’s manager, Nakuja joined the fracas to defend his artiste.

[email protected] are you that dumb? what has Empress got to do with the fake receipts you will provide?? Someone has contracted you to do some works for her. she paid you off and expecting you to deliver. you failed to deliver and all you can say is you have receipts to the things you had gone to hired or acquired. Are you serious? In which court are you going to say this? my guy you are putting your girl into trouble, you better sense your head and begin to show remorse for mercy. akoa wei paaaa”

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