‘Flaunt Your Lover’ 2019 To Be Held With Movie On A Park

February 11, 2019 at 09:25
'Flaunt Your Lover' 2019 To Be Held With Movie On A Park

We all know that February is a month of love and as usual, about three years down the lane, the celebrity couple organize a valentine couples night out called ‘Flaunt Your Lover’ every year.

Through this event, they urge the public most especially their fans to post loved ones in their

lives on social media as a sign of love in the month of love prior to the main event.


Well, as we are in February, the event will eventually take place so the couple has posted a lovely Whatsapp conversation they had on the event on Instagram.


According to the couple, this year’s event will come off with a movie show on a park.

The date is February 23 at Pearly Gate Gardens on the Boundary road, Accra.

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