Friends Caused My Marriage to Breakdown-Emelia Brobbey

September 13, 2017 at 08:37
Friends Caused My Marriage to Breakdown-Emelia Brobbey

Ace Kumawood actress Emelia Brobbey has revealed that one factor that led to the breakdown of her marriage was due to her friends and some of the things it is alleged they said to her then husband.
Recounting why she parted ways with her husband, the budding actress indicated that she was engrossed with her acting career not knowing her friends were believed to have been feeding her husband with information.

She said that most of the reports that were reaching her husband were that she was having extramarital affairs. She implicated her friends by saying that listening to them also led to the breakdown of her marriage. She continued that her husband, as part of the reason for seeking divorce mentioned in the document that he had heard from Emelia’s friends some of the activities she was engaging in.


Speaking in an interview with Accra-based United Television, the actress revealed that all was well in her marriage till they started having normal couple misunderstanding. She added that her ex-husband had indicated that he was receiving information from her friends about her affairs. The actress however indicated that all the reports alleged to have reached her husband from her friends were untrue.

Recently, it came to light that fellow actress, Ellen White was spotted in bed with Dr. Boateng, former husband of Emelia Brobbey but Ellen White rubbished the story. Emelia Brobbey since her divorce has come up with a sachet water company and recently premiered a movie in the UK to a packed and star-studded gathering.

Emelia Brobbey is believed to be one of Kumawood’s richest actresses having starred in over 100 Kumawood-produced movies.


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