Gallaxy Kicked Off Record Label For Being Liars, Cheats And Bad Investments

January 12, 2018 at 15:15
Gallaxy Kicked Off Record Label For Being Liars, Cheats And Bad Investments

The year isn’t starting well for Gallaxy.

Gallaxy has been thrown out of their record label, Lyf Line Entertainment. This was the record label which signed them after they said goodbye to Habour City Recordz.


Cross Dhat, one of the owners of Lyf Line Entertainment described his former artistes as ungrateful, cheap, greedy, liars and lazy musicians.

He made these comments in an interview with Sammy Flex on Zylofon FM in Accra.

Furthermore, he accused the group members of squandering money meant for pushing their brand.

Gallaxy’s Actions

“If you give them money for promotion, they will take, spend it and will tell us they have gone for promotion. The radio presenters will later come to us requesting for something whilst we have given cash to Gallaxy for that purpose. We had several calls of that nature and we got to know that they have been spending the money we have given to them for promotion and stuffs.” 

Moreover, Gallaxy had been going behind management’s back to play shows and keeping the proceeds to themselves.

Cross Dhat disclosed that they initially did not want to invest in the group. However, they relented and worked with them.

According to him, both sides had a verbal contract. Also, they were willing to sign a five-year deal until the boys started misbehaving.


Cross reiterated that the record label has been in existence for two years. He added that they drove the group to Togo to buy costumes for them to push their brand.

When questioned why they did not fly the two to Dubai for the shopping, the man replied that they are cheap musicians so there was no need in spending such a huge amount on them for the Dubai trip just to buy clothes.

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