I Don’t Do Drugs; I Only Know Paracetamol – Efya

October 18, 2018 at 12:35
I Don’t Do Drugs; I Only Know Paracetamol - Efya

Singer, Efya puts the addiction rumors to bed. According to her, the rumours that she is a drug addict are false.

Moreover, according to her, she “does not do drugs” like people have been assuming since she came to the spotlight through music.

She made these statements in an interview with Rainbow Radio


“I have had migraine since I was 12 years and I do take paracetamol so that is the only drug I do. I don’t care about people saying I do drugs. I don’t care anymore because I know who I am”.

“You can’t stop my greatness. I have been doing this for 8 years and you think you can stop me? Amazing, Stop saying I do drugs. Are you not bored with the same old story”.

Ever since she came in the limelight, people say she uses drugs. This is because of some of her actions during interviews and other acts of hers has always been out of order and hence directed pointing fingers at her.

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