I Never Attempted Suicide – Princess Shyngle Clears The Air

December 18, 2018 at 08:16
I Never Attempted Suicide - Princess Shyngle Clears The Air

Ghana-based Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle has finally broken her silence

following reports she had been hospitalised after an alleged suicide attempt in Lagos.

It was highly reported few days ago that the socialite had allegedly been rushed to the Vedic


Life care Hospital in Lekki by her neighbor after it was discovered that she had taken an

overdose of a medication and drank bleach in an attempt to end her life.

But the reports appear to be false as the actress has come out to debunk the said rumors.

Addressing the matter concisely, the 27-year-old stated that she never attempted suicide even

though she’s battling with depression.

She vividly stated that, “I had a relapse and a nervous breakdown which landed me in the

hospital. I never took anything.” 

Princess Shyngle also revealed she is at a better place now and will in due course speak more about the issue.

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The actress has in the past opened up about being suicidal indicating that whenever she is

faced with disappointments, the first thought that comes to mind is to end her own life.

“I cannot take disappointments. When I want something or I am looking for something and

things do not work out well, the next thought that comes to mind is to commit suicide,” she

stated in an interview with a Ghanaian-based newspaper in August 2017.

She also revealed that she’s been battling with such thoughts for the past 19 years adding that

it all started after a near death experience her father lived through.

‘’It started when I was about 18 years or so. I almost lost my dad through a fire outbreak and just the thought alone made me want to kill myself. I couldn’t see myself living my life without him and thought the best thing was to go with him,” she told Graphic Showbiz.

Read screenshot of her full post below;


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