“I Was Maltreated As A Child”- Sarkodie

January 09, 2019 at 11:18
“I Was Maltreated As A Child”- Sarkodie

Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie talks about his life growing up. According to him, his life hasn’t always been that perfect. Moreover, the rapper revealed his guardian maltreated him during his childhood.

He spoke about this in an interview on Hit FM’s This Is Gospel with Franky 5.

According to him, his father took him to live with an elderly woman in Achimota who abused him on multiple occasions. He did not know his biological mother at the time.


“I spent a lot of my life at Mile 7…those were some dark times for me…I went through a whole lot…I didn’t know where my mum was and I didn’t know where my dad was…Dad took me to the woman to stay with her” 

“We were like seven people living in a small room. The maltreatment, as a child I think if you were living with your mum, this won’t be the situation…But I did survive that and that made me who I am” 

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