I Will Never Kiss In Movies – Timothy Bentum

February 12, 2019 at 09:10
I Will Never Kiss In Movies – Timothy Bentum

Actor, Timothy Bentum talks about movies. Moreover, he revealed that there is no way he will kiss in movies. He stated that sometimes kissing was irrelevant to the storyline.

Recently, the actor completed Bible School and is now a Reverend. He made these statements in Showbiz.

“The farthest I will go is to give a peck on the cheek but there is no way I will kiss anyone in a movie” 

Furthermore, Timothy said he still combines acting with the work of God. However, he is particular about the roles he plays.


“I don’t have the time to go away for long periods like two to three weeks. The type of storyline also matters, the moral of the story should be good, no nudity.

“Sometimes the moral is good but it depends on who the director is and what he wants. I am not hungry for fame, I’d rather please God than please man; I have turned down a couple of scripts because of some of these things” 

Also, he cleared the perception that he recently became born-again.

“My dad was a pastor and I have been born-again for so many years now but would go astray every now and then. I have completed Bible School and I am now a Reverend” 

Timothy Bentum talks about doing God’s work.

“If I say it hasn’t been challenging, I will be telling a big lie, it has been very daunting. Once in a while, there is always something someone will say to confirm something I have doubted.

“Sometimes you enter a church and the people look at you like, what is he going to say? After a few minutes they settle in and go along. So far God has been good, I must say” 

Moreover, he spoke about other celebrities who are born-again.

“Awesome, Jesus kept talking about the harvest being plenty with few workers, the more people turn to Jesus, the happier I become.

“Whether it is for real or whether they are doing it for whatever reason, I am happy as long as they mention Jesus. The world needs to hear more of that, Jesus needs to go viral” 

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