Insatiable Appetite For Fame And Money Is Driving Some Ghanaian Gospel Musicians To Use ‘Juju’-Ernest Acheampong

October 12, 2017 at 09:37
Insatiable Appetite For Fame And Money Is Driving Some Ghanaian Gospel Musicians To Use 'Juju'-Ernest Acheampong

Ghanaian gospel musician, Ernest Acheampong has admitted some of his colleagues are reportedly engaging in voodoo otherwise known as juju in the local parlance to smoothen their way into stardom.

The Gospel Musician who is known for hit songs such such ‘Wo Da So Y3 Nyame’, ‘ Pagya Me Ko Soro’ among others is among the few Gospel Musicians who has been in the industry for quiet long now.

The Musician disclosed that the insatiable quest for cash and fame by some of his collegues without recourse to winning souls for Christ is what has crept into present day music giving credence to earlier assertions by others that not all gospel musicians are inspired by God.

Last year, Jak Alolome had also said that the situation is not peculiar to only gospel musicians but that those in secular music are worse off.  “It is true some gospel musicians are engaging in juju but those in secular music are also doing same”, he disclosed.

He observed that the practice is not auguring well for the music industry stating the he has over the years resolved not to indulge in such practices since it is in variance with his religious beliefs.

“I have heard some of my colleagues are into Juju but that is not the best for the industry. I am a true believing Christian and I know God is the only one who protects me and my music career and not any other god”, he emphasized.

He further revealed that some of  his colleagues in the present day visit shrines just to pull down others.

“Today, as we speak, about 70 per cent of gospel musicians visit shrines for juju for their musical careers and also to outdo other gospel artistes and this is a reality.”

He advised all and sundry, especially those who are aspiring to venture into the industry not to fall prey to such temptations.

“You hear some people making it big, don’t look at them or don’t envy them. Just pray and thank God for your situation. Those musicians you see doing very well, most of them cannot sleep because of what they do all in the name of God,” Acheampong revealed.

“There is juju, so much juju in gospel music more than hiplife and at the right time God himself will expose those involved in the practice.”

Ernest Acheampong added that  “To those people using Juju, expiry date is allocated for that spirit, when Satan gives, it looks all shinny and rosy but it defiantly has an expiry date…but when God gives you something, it’s everlasting. So the up and coming acts should learn from this”.


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The juju will eat them later

Paul K

Those in Gospel are the worst affected


God will punish them for this


They are just lost souls


This is so sad,man of God what is eating you?


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