Kalybos Reacts To Sabotage Allegation By Nana Fremah

January 11, 2019 at 12:11
Kalybos Reacts To Sabotage Allegation By Nana Fremah

Actor and comedian, Kalybos addresses the allegations from actress and musician, Nana Frema Korateng. According to her, he intentionally sabotaged her planned performance during the last edition of the Ghana Movie Awards

Moreover, he stated that contrary to the allegations of Nana Fremah, he doesn’t own the Ghana movie awards. Therefore, he can never Sabotage her.

However, Kalybos admitted that Nana Fremah was to perform about three songs before the show went live. However, the format of the event changed totally. This is because it started later than the time advertised.


“Because the event started late, even as the official host for the event, you couldn’t see much of me and lots of the activities couldn’t take place because we had very little time. I don’t own the movie awards, I was being told whatever I was supposed to do, you can ask…”

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