“There are killers among us. Beware” Lydia Forson

September 08, 2017 at 10:47
"There are killers among us. Beware" Lydia Forson

Actress Lydia Forson took to her social media(twitter handle) a few minutes ago to caution her funs and the public as a whole. Her comment “There are killers among us. Beware” follows an article she wrote on twitter a few minutes ago concerning issues relating to Afia Schwarzenegger’s leak sex tape, where the beautiful actress seems to be sympathizing with Afia. So many videos and pictures have been trending all over social media for some days now and one of such videos is one in which Afia Schwarzenegger’s husband was threatening to pour acid on his wife after catching her in bed with another man.

So far, many have come out to criticize Afia’s infidelity but no one has been heard sympathizing with her. In her article Miss Forson is asking if we’re all just going to ignore the fact that the man had threatened to pour acid on Afia and burn her house as well, and for the fact that he even went as far as leaking nude pictures and videos of the incident which is an illegal act in itself
She concluded by advising that ” if you’re not happy in any relationship,man or woman, just leave”.

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Credit: Miss Forson twitter handle

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