My Femininity Is Taking Me Places – Rosemond Brown

February 28, 2019 at 08:20
My Femininity Is Taking Me Places - Rosemond Brown

Controversial social media queen, Rosemond Brown talks about her body. Moreover, according to people, she has sex with all the so-called ‘rich’ people who come her way. This is the way she maintains the ‘celebrity’ status she has in the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

Rosemond spoke on these rumours on the ‘Uncut’ show by Zionfelix. Furthermore, she revealed that her waist and sex are the two giant pillars in her life. According to her, they brought her this far and will take her to all the places she ever dreamed of.

The host asked what she achieved with her waist. Brown proudly stated that she recently bought and registered a Kia Forte. This was through the hard work of her waist in bed.


Also, she revealed that aside from the car, she recorded her recent music track with the money she got from her body to the individual who was willing to dish out the cash she needed.

This latest revelation from Akuapem Poloo is certainly a total contradiction to her previous revelation that her 2019 registered car was bought with the money she received from fooling all over social media.

At this point nobody knows if this is the truth or another one of her tales.

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