Our Industry Is So Poor – Shatta Wale

February 19, 2019 at 08:10
Our Industry Is So Poor - Shatta Wale

Award-winning Ghanaian musician, Shatta Wale talks about the music industry. Moreover, the ‘dancehall king’ talks about the state of the industry and how artists suffer nowadays.

He took to his Twitter platform to pour out his frustrations and feelings. Also, he subtly jabbed some industry players.

According to his tweet, he indicated that, the industry is as poor as in mind like in some artistes pockets.


He also added that most industry players are liars and bitches.

He wrote,

“it’s sooo sad our music industry is so poor in the mind like in their pockets too …very very sad but still some want to form like nuttin deh happen ..liars and bitches”

At this moment, there is no known reason behind the tweet

For the past years, Shatta Wale stepped on toes in his quest to ensure that Ghana’s music industry becomes a standard that many other countries will look up to

He consistently described his colleagues as poor people indicating that he is the only artiste in the country who is rich.

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