Patapaa Is A Noisemaker, Not A Musician — Kuame Eugene

June 22, 2018 at 09:45

Kuame Eugene talks about Pataapa.

Ghanaian musician, Kuame Eugene sparks the ire of Ghanaians. Furthermore, this was over his comments about Pataapa. Moreover, he brushed off the chance of making any song with Patapaa at any point of his career.

Eugene made these statements while in an interview on GH One TV. Moreover, according to the ‘Angela’ hitmaker, he cannot collaborate him. This is because his songs are mainly made up of noise.


Therefore, he said Patapaa as a ‘noisemaker’ and not a musician.

He admitted that Patapaa has been worrying him for the two of them to collaborate. However, he has no interest in doing so.

Kuame Eugene about collaborating with Pataapa

“Patapaa’s kind of song is not [for] me, he’s making too much noise.”


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