(Video) My Name Change Was Influenced By Whites – Patapeezy

June 13, 2018 at 09:27
(Video) My Name Change Was Influenced By Whites - Patapeezy

Man of the moment, Patapaa Amisty, a few days ago re-branded to Patapeezy.

Whiles abroad, Patapaa, now Patapeezy sent a Facebook live video said he’s henceforth called Patapeezy.

He further cautioned that he sill not hesitate to send anyone who will call him Patapaa to court.


In the video, he gave his reason for the name change to be his main sponsor Funny Face.

According to the ‘Kumchacha’ crooner, Funny face thinks Patapeezy suits him more than the former name.

However, in an recent interview with SVTV Africa, the ‘One Corner’ hitmaker has added another reason for his name change.

Patapeezy, who returned from Germany for a video shoot also passed France and Austria, all foreign countries.

In the course of his tour, he revealed that his fans outside were finding it difficult pronouncing Patapaa.

Instead, they were mostly calling him Patapeezy, something Funny Face had earlier proposed.

These are therefore the factors that led to his name change.

“Funny Face gave me the name Patapeezy but I didn’t like it, however, my tour outside Ghana gave me the realization that foreigners like the name Patapeezy so why not switch from Patapaa to Patapeezy.” He explained.

He also added that, even adults find fault with his former name, which seems to tag him as being ‘harsh’

Hence he’s now officially called Patapeezy because it even fits him much better.

Listen to Patapaa, born Justice Amoa explain further in the video below;

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