Why I Don’t Record Desperate Songs – Kontihene

February 08, 2019 at 09:50
Why I Don’t Record Desperate Songs - Kontihene

Ghanaian musician, Kontihene talks about his music. Moreover, according to him, he does not record ‘desperate’ songs. However, he gives his fans and music lovers time enough to catch up with his songs.

“I don’t record desperate songs then I will need to chase them all the time. This is because I know that if I release a song today and you don’t feel it, I give you time, you will catch up with the song” 

He made these statements during an interview on Hitz FM. Also, Kontihene noted that music lovers that follow him closely, get access to his every released song.

“I don’t desperately chase songs as if it is the only thing that I can do. I put it out there, those who mark me closely, they get access to it, those who are not I give them time to discover it. Just give people time to make their discovering” 

“Give people time to make their own discovering, because there are certain things about songs. You put it out there, the listener is not feeling the message at that very time, do you force the listener? No, respect the listener, give them time, they will catch up with it … (if) it is a message put it there, it’s just a book, people are still reading old books now because somebody recommended it or they discovered it” 

Also, he added that some songs don’t need promotion because they can promote themselves.


“Some songs can travel and promote (themselves). When you happen to get one or two, count yourself blessed because it has caught fire easily but those that don’t catch fire easily, relax for it.”

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