Young Rapper Takes On Politicians, Police, Slay Queens In Freestyle Rap(VIDEO)

February 19, 2019 at 08:30
Young Rapper Takes On Politicians, Police, Slay Queens In Freestyle Rap(VIDEO)

A video of a young school boy has surfaced online in which he was seen taking on issues about the country in a well articulated free style rap.

The young boy, identified as Kojo Gilchris, has since been tageed as ‘young Sarkodie’ considering his free flow of rap.

He touched on very vital issues concerning the country including corrupt politicians, slay queens, the police, among others.


As much as his rapping skills in the freestyle video got him to trend, the message he sent was quite powerful.

“What is wrong with this our country?” he questioned.

“There are many things going on but “it started from the 90s,” he says.

Kojo talks about police brutality in the country, saying the people who are meant to protect us

turn against us. Such powerful words coming from a young boy.

One might ask how he noticed, but it is hard not to when six men from Zango were killed but

later found innocent or when two soldiers burnt rubber on the penis of a young boy for a crime, he swears he did not commit.

Is Kojo’s argument far-fetched? Check out Joojo Kobbinah of Joy News’ documentary ‘As if we

weren’t human,” and give a verdict.

When some of the brutalities captured in the documentary make headlines, it is hard for even

the younger generation not to notice.

The young rapper talks about corruption and the justice system. Strange huh? Apparently, not all young ones care only about food, friends and games.

“What is wrong with our country the lawmakers turn to lawbreakers,” he says, it seems he had a lot bottled up in his young heart.

“Them the jail the poor for shege reasons sake of they no get money to pay lawyers bribery,” so sad right?

He talks about the corruption in our political system saying all the focus is on other crimes, “forgetting about the men in suit, the MPs.”

Kojo was certainly not going to end his rap without touching on our problems with social media.

“Social media dey make the people dey live fake life slay queen dey slay hard for fake hype,” he says and touched on fake prophets and prophesies too. When Joselyn Dumas posted the video on her Twitter page, people fell in love with the boy.

@Vladimir Mozu? twitted, “wow, these children are following what is going on in Ghana very well.”

“Wow, I’m in love with this boy, saying the hard truth too, he will definitely go places,” @HinsonSidneyPe1 wrote.

@NayaGenius wondered if the thoughts of little Kojo will be accepted easily because he’s young. “I won’t be surprised some hypocrites will come on this app to tell this little boy he is too young for these words. I won’t be surprised because I’ve seen it before,” she wrote.

“@sarkodie watch out this kid they come for your throne!” @Solojaba decided to warn Sarkodie.

Of course, @PiousKafui just had to call out Medikal “@AmgMedikal bossman check this kid out…ana wada??”

@emperor_souljah tweeted, “Indeed, what is wrong with this our country and thinking.”

@addomikes1 just fell in love with the talk of politicians, “God bless this boy. Politicians turn to politricksters….true talk.”

Well, enough of the talks now, enjoy the rap below!

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