Gladys Kamande who was blind and survived on oxygen tank can now see again after five years of blindness (Photos)

March 20, 2017 at 09:52
Gladys Kamande who was blind and survived on oxygen tank can now see again after five years of blindness (Photos)

Miracles happen! Only a few months ago Gladys Kamande was unable to walk on her own, she survived on an oxygen tank and she was blind for 5 long years.

Kenyans were touched by Glady Kamande’s story when an appeal was made to help her raise money for her treatment. A whopping Kes 8 million was raised by Kenyans through the M-Changa account by 21st December 2016.

Gladys travelled to India where she was subjected to a battery of medical tests before doctors started treating her.

On March 18th, a certain Elizabeth Kavata shared photos of Gladys at the hospital in India, she also revealed that Gladys’ sight had been restored and that she could also breath on her own partially.

“Since she travelled to India GLADYS KAMANDE has had every part of her body examined and re-examined to get the best of her health.”

“Ladies and gentlemen it gives me pleasure to report on the latest since her admission at BLK SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL. And you got to love this.”

“As soon as she got to hospital, she was booked into ICU as the doctors mapped out a treatment plan. And indeed it worked perfect.”

“From the lead doctor’s report, a few clots were blocking the optic nerve. That has been her cause of blindness for more than 5 years. The doctors delicately ensured the clots were cleared and eventually Gladys regained her eyesight!” Elizabeth Kavata wrote in part.

Kavata further revealed that Gladys’ lungs were not strong enough for her to breath on her own for the moment, she oxygen will be pumped in her lungs through her mouth until such a time that her lungs are strong enough.

“We thank God for this answered prayer.”

“What followed were various tests on her lungs. Indeed the doctors confirmed the lungs have suffered serious damage for a long duration. They tried several options including pumping oxygen directly to the lungs without necessarily taking it through the mouth.”

“There is some slight improvement in the fact that Gladys can survive by breathing freely without the machines for some minutes. She however would require consistency in pumping in the oxygen until such a time her lungs will be stronger enough.”

“Gladys has been discharged from hospital and cleared to travel back home today. She’ll be arriving in the country tomorrow.”

“She has an appointment with her doctors in July this year at BLK Hospital. The report of the doctor’s assessment will guide on whether there’ll be need for surgery or she would continue on aided breathing.”


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