Illuminati In Kenya! Top Artistes And Comedians Exposed!

April 23, 2015 at 08:19


Since the infamous clips associating Chris Brown, Beyonce and Jay Z with the Illuminati were ’leaked’ Kenyans became obsessed with the Illuminati. 

Octopizzo taking a photo did not help things and created a bigger obsession with the illuminati.
If I had a penny for every time someone called in to Ghafla asking if this was the Illuminati and if they could join us, then trust and believe I would be chilling in yacht somewhere in the Pacific Ocean drinking drinks I cannot pronounce.
Back in 2013, a story gripped the country. The story of celebrities who had been ‘exposed’ as the Illuminati, and since it’s Throw Back Thursday, let’s take a walk down memory lane.

The page called Kikuyu Rule the world shared this back in the day;


   Kikuyu rule the world •
Top 10 illuminati members in kenya
1.raila odinga.former pm
2.caroline mutoko of kiss fm
3.mike sonko.nairobi senator
4.mwalimu kingangi of churchill
5.maina kageni of crasic 105
6.pastor piusi muiru.maximum miracle centre
7.everngelist lucy wa ngunjiri of cameme
8.octopizo (leader)
9.emmy kosgei
10.eric omondi

Although such ridiculous claims make for exciting reading, this is utter garbage, and I am sure those ‘implicated’ laughed heartily at this.


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