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¨Abused the Holy Spirit¨ Ringtone remarks about Willy Poze

March 18, 2019 at 09:31
¨Abused the Holy Spirit¨ Ringtone remarks about Willy Poze

Ringtone has been on the war front attacking Willy Paul the entire time, last week.

Ringtone´s beef is simply because he feels that controversial artist, Willy Poze has not been behaving like a gospel artist lately.

Willy Paul and Ringtone (right)

Credit: Hallelujah

¨Abused the Holy Spirit¨ was Ringtone´s remark about Poze.

Why Poze and not Bahati?

However, it leaves us wondering, ´Why Poze and not Bahati?´

Willy Paul (left) and Bahati 

Bahati has also been in the limelight couple times, having links to all manner of scandals.

Bahati´s scandals… Those are biashara´l issues.

I cannot force Bahati to pay…

That is what Ringtone had to say about Bahati´s case. He goes on:

He is also 50/50.

The last gospel song he did was a long time ago.

All these other songs that he is doing, for us we don´t look at them as gospel.

We have to tone down.

Ringtone replied when asked to clarify whether he had an issue with singer, Bahati´s music.

We have also been telling him to quit/remove that programme from TV.

Singer, Bahati and wife, Diana Marua

Credit: Classic 105

This is in reference to the ¨Being Bahati¨ show that the singer launched in 2018 on NTV, giving an account of his life and that of his wife and child.

Why can´t he do a crusade?

Because he is supposed to be a preacher.

That is our opinion though.

It is his walk with God.

Credit: KISS 100

Ringtone went on questioning Bahati´s ulterior move behind the reality show.

Did he try make a move?

Bahati is on the fence.

For Willy Paul, he has gone too far!

Ringtone (left) and Willy Poze

He affirmed when asked if he did make a step to personally talk to Willy Paul.

Bahati is somewhere there on the fence, he can decide today, me I am quitting all these hullaballoo and people will be fine with him.

Because Bahati had not abused the Holy Spirit, as Willy Paul has.

Ringtone concluded on the question on why the battle with Willy Poze and not Bahati.

It has been quite evident over time that these two (Poze and Bahati), hardly see eye to eye.

But now, there´s an additional to the mix.

What next?




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