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¨Daddy Loves You!¨ Diamond´s sweet message to his son Nillan as he turns 3

December 06, 2019 at 13:15
¨Daddy Loves You!¨ Diamond´s sweet message to his son Nillan as he turns 3

Baby Nillan just turned 3 today and his parents cannot stop gushing over him with love.

Zari the Boss Lady started it off with a myriad photos and videos of her baby boy as he ushered another year into his life.

A photoshoot purposefully for her 3-year old who seems to be growing faster than the world can keep up.

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Zari´s youngest son turns 3

Zari penned his little Charming Prince a loving message expressing:

Nillan is 3 today! Time flies? It still feels like yesterday when he was just a lil baby. Now he’s the coolest lil prince. Happy birthday Nillan! Love you always and forever 💙🎂🌹🎈🎊🎉 – #Nillanturned3💙 @princenillan #skwishydiaries💙

Zari pens loving message to son, Prince Nillan as he turns 3

However, Zari´s baby daddy, Diamond was not left behind either. We would all expect him to be caught up in the life of his newest born but he cherishes them all.


Up through his Insta stories, he shared a photo of his Prince Nillan, as he gasps about turning three.

And the other, Chibu lovingly captions:


It is adorable to see the two put aside their differences and celebrate their young one, on his special day.





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