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¨Despite the trolls, you still chose me…¨ Anita Soina´s deep message to her new found love

February 27, 2020 at 14:06
¨Despite the trolls, you still chose me...¨ Anita Soina´s deep message to her new found love

Terence Creative´s side chick, Anita Soina has bagged herself a new lover after scandals slapped her left, right and center in 2019.

While out with her new catch, the 20-year old shared a photo of them, all smiles and glad to be by each other´s side.

Donning a sweet yellow sexxy dress, her guy decided to have it official, in a grew suit complete with a tie.

Anita Soina finds new love

Anita inked her heart to her beloved:

For loving me ,without judging me and picking me up when the world was tearing me apart. Thank you because in you I found happiness and love. You have made me feel worthy again!

Even when the world decided to literally tear her into pieces, her man still stood by her, believed in her and held her hand.

Anita Soina (right) bashed for sexual affair with family man, Terence Creative

Masses when to the extent of sharing links of You Tube videos just to explain the height of her home-wreckage scandals with comedian Terence Creative, but her man still trusted her.

Many people from all corners sent you links to YouTube videos telling you this and that about me but you still chose me and supported me in my healing journey.

And for all that:

I don’t take it for granted.

Sweetly closing off:

#anitasoina #Love

Anita however failed to divulge any details on who her new man is, but fans privy to the man, revealed he is a Doctor by profession.

Anita Soina flaunts her new catch

Comment section

Check out some of the comments by her followers:

Ako hapo Lake Basin Dental and Orthodontic center ??🤣🤣


I have interviewed him(Doktari😂) twice in our studios.. happy for you dear.


God’s timing is always the best it’s your time to be happy.. Wishing you all the best dear


Congratulations,am rooting for you two. All the best in your endeavors


Doktari wee😙


Baasss kaa na huyo Terrence ni kutupa #hipponation





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