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¨Diamond taught me perseverance, hard work and resilience¨ Akothee confesses

October 22, 2019 at 09:53
¨Diamond taught me perseverance, hard work and resilience¨ Akothee confesses

Akothee and Diamond Platnumz´ close friendship traces to firm roots that saw them jell well and grow each other.

Diamond is just not your ordinary kind of artist to wake up and decide to hit the studios with you unless there really is a good enough reason.

So Madam Boss proved she was that one Kenyan artist who would grace the studios with East Africa´s Simba and leave many with raised eyebrows.

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Back in 2015, Akothee and Platnumz worked on a jam ´Sweet Love´ that dropped early 2016. Days when Platnumz was already a renowned superstar and Akothee had just started crawling into music.

But she did it and still has masses querying how she pulled that off on Diamond. Anyway, they are now big names in the industry and probably why we should let it go.

´Sweet Love´ hit makers, Diamond Platnumz and Akothee

Years down the line, Akothee still recalls the string of events that saw her and Diamond shake East Africa´s music scene with their romantic hit.

The meet

Up and close on Citizen TV´s Mambo Mseto show, the Kenyan black beauty revealed she met Platnumz as the first, while she was in South Africa working with popular video director, Godfather, on a jam.

Diamond aliona kwamba kuna talent. Sitasema tulikuwa marafiki lakini inasemekana it depends on the streets where you walk… mara yangu ya kwanza kukutana na Diamond niliweza kufanya kazi na God Father tukakutana naye(Diamond) South Africa.

However, it may seem easy to masses but what actually goes on behind the cameras is nothing short of hard work.

Apparently, for Akothee, Diamond taught her life lessons especially in the field of music, that she lives to remember of.

WCB President, Diamond Platnumz (standing) with his cousin-cum-DJ Romy Jones (sitted)

Right from perseverance, to working extra hours, to giving a deaf ear to the naysayers, Akothee learnt it all from Diamond.

Nikienda kufanya kazi na Diamond naweza kusema nilikuwa bado mbichi katika mambo ya usanii na niliweza kujifunza mambo mengi sana kutoka kwake. Kwa mfano Diamond alinifunza kuwa mvumilivu, kufanya kazi extra hours na kuignore haters.

It is no lie that Akothee gained her current Tanzanian following from her collabo with Platnumz that introduced her to the bongo netizens and the International market at large.

Kufanya kazi na Diamond iliweza kusukuma kazi ya kwangu kwa sababu aliweza kuniintroduce katika fan base yake ya Watanzania na hata Wakenya pia.

Akothee at the WCB recording studios, previously

Good things don´t  come easy. Diamond and Akothee had to toil for their collabo in wee hours of the night to achieve what they can proudly today call, their hit.

One that enjoys a massive following and You Tube viewership till date.





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